This is (Just?) the Beginning

Here is my first post. It’s not much of a post, as I’m sure you’re thinking. But wait, mysteriousinternetreaderwhoismostlikelymyfriendormorelikelymymom,

…It’s about to get better.

I have some things to say, and I’ll be using this series of zeros and ones disguised as things non-coder types can understand to say them. Was that a tad bit convoluted? It was, wasn’t it? I didn’t write a first draft of this; it’s pretty much unfiltered from my brain/fingertips.

We’ll call this my ‘intro post’, because I felt compelled to say something. I figure it’s better than creating this gem right here and then getting right to the “good stuff” (whatever that will turn out to be) because to be perfectly honest, person-who-is-reading-this, the ‘good stuff’ is few and far between. So I will be writing pretty much stuff sans the good, and I’ll let others decide if there’s good within it or not.

As I finish up the last stretch of my education, I have a lot of free time on my hands and I’m vowing now (In writing, to make it semi-legit [albeit ‘internet writing’ okay, okay]) to use some of my free time on long-procrastinated creative endeavours. I’ve published writing on my tumblr in the past but I wanted a ‘writing specific place’ since that has become somewhat of a smorgasbord of art, quotes, and “sims gone wrong” as I know tumblr pages tend to become.

You see that? that there is a set of brackets within a set of parentheses. That’s how you know you’ve gone down the writing rabbit-hole. And that is some spontaneous almost alliteration. See? I really can’t stop; it’s like a disease.  

And I will end this craziness with a well-positioned hit of realism. I know that it is very likely that I will be the only one reading this, and that’s okay. So I better keep it up to keep myself entertained later.

P.S. I see now with perfect clarity that I’m clearly a fan of combining words and air quotes.


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