My Thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”

I don’t always write reviews on movies, but when I do, I prefer to make a vlog-style review on youtube. *haha, insert Dos Equis meme here*

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However, I just wanted to say a little something about this movie, but not enough to set up my camera and do multiple takes of me talking, and then spending hours editing and rendering…

and editing…

and rendering…

 Anyway, fast-backward to a few weeks ago.

Picture it: Me. Studying in my room, or rather, trying to plan the best way to study.

the phone rings and it’s my dad. He’s nearby and want to know if I want to go see Interstellar with him. 

Anyway, you can see where this is going.

I had absolutely no expectations about this movie, and to be honest, I believe this is the best mindset to have when going to see any movie. 

Every movie I’ve ever gone to see with zero expectations beforehand, I have ended up enjoying immensely. Of course, this barely ever happens for me due to my interest in movies, thus I always want to know what will be coming out in the next year or so, and due to all the media that is constantly in our faces advertising upcoming movies, and even upcoming screenplays and projects that are still in development talks by studio executives and creators. 

So, I had no idea what this movie was about, who directed it, who wrote it, nothing.

When I saw the ending credits identify the writer/director as “Christopher Nolan” and “Hans Zimmer” as the composer, I said aloud, “Oh, that’s why”. 

Okay, enough about me and my “feelings”, here’s some reviewy-type stuff:

  • I felt that the world presented was accurate. This could actually be our future if we continue to live the way we’ve been living.
  • from the time they left the earth, it was a complete guessing game for me. I had no idea what direction the story was going to go.
  • I felt that the characters and their relationships were relateable (despite the fact that they are geniuses) and emotionally believable. 
  • It really (I’m using this phrase reluctantly) “takes you for a ride”
    • emotionally, sensuously (due to the amazing score and sound work), and of course, visually.
  • It is long, so use the bathroom before.

Okay, I’m done. Go see the movie.


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