Female “Ghostbusters” & Female “Jump Street”: Is It Needed?

When I first heard that a re-make of Ghostbusters would feature an all-female cast, my first reaction was: “This movie sounds great”. This reaction was largely due to the participating female actresses [Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones] who I have a hard time imagining being bad in this (or pretty much any other) project.

*Sidenote – It was also recently announced that there would be another Ghostbusters re-make featuring an all-male cast. I’m confused; hasn’t this been done already, with the original? Is a remake with an all-female cast not enough of a remake? I personally like remakes that do something different the second time around. It just seems very odd to me that the people behind these projects feel as though we need both. As if fans of the franchise will say things like: “yeah the all-female cast was a cool thing you did, but when is the REAL REMAKE coming?”

Here is where my own thoughts become a bit foggy on the issue of re-makes of classics with new female casts:

I also recently heard that the “Jump Street” franchise was also going to implement a female duo project. I can’t help but think they are piggybacking on the Ghostbusters idea. However, I’m not sure if this is a good thing.

On the one hand, it seems like an innocent enough prospect: Make some movies with roles that are not normally occupied by females, especially in the action-comedy genre. However, why do they have to be attached to a previous concept? Why can’t there be any NEW stories that have females in those types of roles? Or better yet, do a re-make of Ghostbusters with a team featuring a team with both sexes. I think that seems the most interesting scenario to me anyway: I love seeing masculine and feminine energies bounce off each other (regardless of the sex those genders occupy) especially in a platonic relationship. So even though I love the idea of a female Ghostbusters (but pretty much only because of those involved), I don’t really care about a female 21 Jumpstreet, (we already had “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock and Melisa McCarthy, which I’m guessing would be pretty similar: i.e., female buddy-cop movie). I would like to see a female-centric military movie though (If you know of one, please tell me in the comments so I can watch it).

Ultimately, my opinion on this subject is: What’s with all the sex-based segregation in the genre of action-comedey films? Instead of doing the same stories with the men switched out for women, maybe create some new stories with women and men on the same cast? Just a thought.

*Another Sidenote: I would also like to see some gay or trans characters not be sidekicks or punchlines, but that’s another topic altogether.


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