Vegan Tuesday: Home-rolled Sushi Edition

Once upon a time, my brother became vegan. 

And in a show of solidarity, my mom proposed that every other Tuesday, the three of us would get together and prepare (and eat, in case that was unclear) a meal that is vegan. We also take turns making the meal/picking the recipe.

Thus, Vegan Tuesday was created. 

And here’s the rub: Because of our dietary needs, the meal need not only be free from animal products but must be nut free, free of legumes (beans and peas), and soy free.

This narrows the selection a bit, but we’ve been able to be creative in spite of the challenges.


And of course there is the pre-dinner nap:


And the obligatory accompanying sake:

IMG_2532IMG_2513IMG_2533 Delicious.


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