My Newest Excitement

Well, Ryan and I have done it. We made a baby, and we’re calling her Ramona.

RAM-ona – get it?!


note: this photo is dark, but I wanted to show the keyboard lights

She’s a computer, and she’s beautiful. I am currently typing this out on my new keyboard (which feels amazing- I feel like I’m typing on a typewriter compared to my flattened HP laptop keys). Not to mention I went a little nuts when I saw that this keyboard (Corsair K95 RGB Gaming) can have RAINBOW light effects.

Building a PC seemed like a very daunting task to me at first, but Ryan encouraged me it would be well worth it. Right now I just feel like this is far too nice of a thing for me to have. I’ve only owned one other PC in my life: my HP pavilion entertainment that I got when I graduated high school/started university.

And it did the job. But my expectations are just too high, okay? (that was to my HP, because I’m afraid she will feel very left out now)

***Yes, I realize I’m personifying my computers, but men do it to their cars all the time and no one questions that.

Putting the CPU in the MoBo:


Almost finished:


Anyway, I did ask myself when considering the build: “Really Sara? Do you really need a PC that will be a crazy performer? Doesn’t that go a bit beyond your needs?”

Well past self, yes and no. Up until now, the laptop met all my netflix and music listening/writing needs, but that’s all.

I haven’t been a gamer for years (if ever) but that’s not for lack of interest. There are so many video games now that many appeal to my sensibilities. So I am very excited to bring video games back into my life, and also get a little better at video-editing as well.

I also learned quite a bit by observing this build and I feel like I have more computer knowledge because of it, and more knowledge is always a good.


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