I’m Quitting Video for a Month

You know how people do “dry January”? Well, this is my version of it. Alcohol has never been a problem for me, but believe me when I say there’s a few ways streaming videos has ruined my life since I started using YouTube and Netflix on a more than regular basis. Since approximately 2010, watching shows and videos has become more than just an occasional source of entertainment for me. It’s truthfully become almost a kind of compulsion. If I have a small amount of time between one thing and the next, it’s often filled with watching something. It’s hard for me to even eat without watching something, and it’s probably the reason I stay up so late all the time (my average bedtime is 3am) causing me to sleep in, and lose precious time because of this. It’s probably also the reason I read a lot less than I used to; something I loved to do, and I’ve since lost the focus required for marathon reading. I believe that I’ve formed some very bad habits that have over time become behavior, and its not the kind of lifestyle I want to live.

I think it’s a good exercise to imagine an ideal version of yourself. What kind of life does that person live? What does their day look like? And if we can, we should do what’s in our power to become that version of ourselves. Maybe that version seems very far away at times, or unachievable due to circumstances like money or location, but there’s always a little we can do to improve ourselves, whatever that may be.

For me, right now, that problem is an unhealthy amount of video consumption. So I’m staying away for a while, simply to see if or how my life improves.

It’s a good thing Game of Thrones isn’t on right now.


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