How I’m Making Watching TV Productive

For the past few years I’ve reviewed/discussed Game of Thrones episodes on my YouTube channel. This season, I’ve somehow roped two others into making a podcast with me (thanks, guys!).

I’m fairly proud of this endeavor. For a while now, I’ve been listening to audio and video podcasts of other people doing the same thing, and I always just thought, “why not me?” I often find myself knowing more (or at least just as much) about my favourite shows than the popular reviewers on YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc., and hey, I pretty much got my degree doing just that: talking about stories and art.

And of course I would love it if I could make a living doing this (who wouldn’t?), or even if we were able to scoop up a group of listeners that would be awesome. But at the end of the day, even if no one listens to our podcast, it is still very enjoyable to get together with some friends and talk about a much loved show.


One thought on “How I’m Making Watching TV Productive

  1. Congratulations on your social media forays, talking Game of Thrones. I’m hoping you pick up listeners for your podcast. There’s a lot of Game of Thrones podcasts, but there are a lot of potential listeners (if only there was more time… I can only listen really during my work commutes, and when Game of Thrones is airing, I think I have … 6 show-related podcasts that I listen to, with 2 that end up stored on the iPod for me to listen to at some point. Like in the off-season.

    I respect and feel comradeship with anyone discussing the show, it’s a great source of inspiration for analysis and opinion. (Warning: shameless self-promotional plug about to drop like a hammer.)

    I love the show, I have over 120 essays/posts/whatever written about it on my blog. I write about the show when it’s not airing, as therapy during the show’s hiatus.

    I’ll download your podcast and give it a listen!


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